Artist Statement

Through out my life I often seen how society can be biased towards a certain type of image, the initial thought of beauty often neglecting the things that are more unique and different which tends to be misunderstood. For those reason i decided to look at my theme for this Body of work which the Beauty in chaos. When looks at my artworks within this body of works theme you can see a constant theme of Beauty but I may be harder to understand how my artworks connect bad to my theme. Over the course of the past semester in my art we explore so many techniques and did so much research that it help me grow my theme extremely to the point where I built it so that for the very last artwork assignment we were assigned had the strongest message behind it.

From looking at the beginning of the semester to now I have become so confident about my body of work because of the research we have done and developing of it through brainstorming and etc. The very first art piece called “Charisma” that I done was the silkscreen print this was when I was still developing my theme and seeing how to connect my idea for an artwork to the body of work’s theme. What i came up with was to look at the beauty behind black women because often now black woman are especially looked over especially when rocking their natural hair. So I want to show the beauty the beauty that they have that is so overlooked, and that it is okay for them to rock their natural hair without feeling of giving themselves self pressure or societal pressure to change the way their natural hair is to fit in. The way this connects to my Body of work’ theme the Beauty in Chaos is because it is restoring the beauty back to individuals that are often overlooked. Here is my artwork down below…


“Charisma” 2017 (Silkscreen, Metallic gold pen, black construction paper)

The second artwork that I did is something that I’m not as proud of as the others, it is called The book of “Beauty” and my message behind it is that women are often pressured to follow an extremely high expectation of how they should look like. I had an hard time with this piece because the artist that i researched were hard to connect together in order to create an artwork idea off of. So what i attempted to do was combine techniques that each the artist used or ideas they wanted to communicate. So for example I tried to use Guerrilla Girls “Do Women Have to Be Naked To Get Into the Met. Museum?” their concept of using words and picture collaged together in order to get a point across. How this art piece connects back to my body of work’s theme is that it is essentially making fun of what is considered as beautiful and restoring the beauty behind the chaos of society’s high beauty standards to the people such as teenage girls with low self esteems. The focal point of this piece is the mirror because I want the viewer to look into it and see their beauty on the inside and out. Here is my art piece down below…

Cropped Artwork #2

The Book of “Beauty” 2017 (Black Acrylic paint, Dictionary book, Magazine, Mirror, Makeup and etc.)

The last artwork that I did is the one that i feel the strongest about it is called “The Beauty in Chaos”, i strongly believe that this art piece embodies the very message i was trying to express through out the course. This piece is supposed to be extremely dark and gloomy because it is suppose to represent the beauty and life that the earth has lost through the years. I think that this is an extremely strong message because it is straight forward and screams out for attention because we must face the fact that the earth is suffering due to our selfish decisions and within this chaos we are slowing losing something that we depend on. The focal point of this art piece is the earth inside the rose.  Everything in this art piece has a meaning behind it such as the blood dripping and  below the rose represent all the lives we have lose due to our poor choices, the cloud above the earth represents the smog and pollution, and rose’s petals sagging down represent the earth slowly dying, and lastly the explosion in the background represents the wars and violence thats adding to the chaos. One thing we will always have to remember how beautiful the earth still is even though it is often neglected that is why it connects back to my Body of work’s theme, since even though i looked at different aspects of my theme such as race, societal expectation and environmental issues. Overall I believe that they all connect back to my theme and I am extremely proud of the artist I have become by the end of this semester and I hope to only grow more as I continue to stay in the field of art!!Here is my final art piece….


“The Beauty in Chaos”, 2017 (Acrylic paint, canvas, gesso)