The task we were given is to choose a medium in which we would design and create a sculpture that displays a message. A medium is materials that is used to create a piece of artwork, examples of mediums is clay, recycled items, wire, wood cravings, and etc. The medium I have chosen is clay.

Steps to creating a clay sculpture:

  1. Sketch out your design.
  2. Get the materials needed such as clay, Slip(watered-down clay that is used as glue), water, carving tools and etc.
  3. Section of pieces of clay and start a process called Wedging.

Wedging – This is a process of forcing the air bubbles out of the clay. By applying force or pounding the clay, using items such as a hammer or rolling pin or even your hands. While making sure to keep the clay moist using water.

A link of wedging:

Wedging II

4.  Next after all the air bubbles are out of the clay, and shape the design/structure by using water and different techniques to shape the clay such as pinching, rolling, scoring, molding, and etc.

Link example:–CQdPw


Scoring – A technique using a type of sharp tool to create hatch marks in the clay, and then using water and slip to join the pieces together.

5. If not finished you can use materials such as tin foil, wet paper towel and others to preserve your sculpture in order to keep the moisture within the clay.


Preserving the clay

6. When we are done the structure of the sculpture we can paint it.

7. Once the final product of sculpture is done we can put it in the kiln and wait for it to be done(this process usually takes a few days to a weeks).

Kiln – is an insulated chamber, a type of oven, that produces temperatures to complete a process, such as hardening and drying the clay sculpture.


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