Through out the week we studied art history art history and we were given three artists that have a similar theme to ours, then we had to research each. The artist that connects the most to my work’s theme is Doryphorus because he focuses on male beauty which is not common in today’s society since beauty is often associated with women in 480/475–415 BCE women were not considered important. His work is directly connected to mine, experiences and socio-political context that affected/influenced Doryphorus’ art was the era that he lived in, where it was basically considered a “man’s” world making men Doryphorus’ muses. Also women weren’t considered “important” until later on in history these reasons both effected the way Doryphorus art was. This essentially influenced my art work because it gives me a new perspective for my broad body of work. The majority of the artists I researched are popular and well known for pushing boundaries.  I ay draw my inspiration from their success because it gives me perspective a more expanded concept of my body of work. Overall my art work theme connects the theme of the artists researched (Doryphorus, Guerrilla Girls, Rachel Whiteread) because they all look at society’s ideas of beauty often looking at things that are not always considered beautiful. the audience should see the value in my art work is because it will use good technique and have a stronger message behind it that grabs the audience’s attention.



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