In class we previously looked at the concept of art history and the difference between an art historian and an art critic. So the main questions we have to ask ourselves is why we would have to understand art to be a successful artist, what is the the difference between an critic/historian, who is the intended audience, and lastly how does art history affect my process? I believe that in order to be a successful/effective artist you must first understand the history of art since we often look into the past such as do research and more to improve end results. So Art history effects your process by providing information, entertainment, inspiration, learning experiences, and etc.

Thinking like an Art Critic vs. Art Historian:

Art Historians looks at:

  1. Date of when it was created?
  2. Where was it made?
  3. Who made it?
  4. What’s that artist’s background story?
  5. Where is the piece now?
  • Art Historian’s audience is Teacher/professors, students, artists, art buyers and etc.

Art Critics looks at:

  1. Price?
  2. Textures?
  3. The artist’s use of Techniques?
  4. Visual effect?
  5. Light/Dark contrasts?
  6. Colour use?
  • Art Critic’s audience is Artists, buyers, other critics, websites, newspaper readers, and etc.



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