In week 3, this was the very last week we are able to work on our artworks. In week 2 I finished my artwork so my next task is to mat my finished artwork which is basically putting a black border/frame over my artwork with dimension of 7cm (3) and 10 cm (1) at the bottom and my artwork is finished and presentable. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the final art piece since I did put a lot of work and technique into them so I am proud and surprised I made it. When I was creating this I had good moments that went well and also problems with certain things I need to work on.

Things I did well:

  1. I layered all the colours well.
  2. I made sure there was not holes in the screen that the ink could leak through.
  3. Worked hard on making sure their detail in my art was fine and well done.

Things I need to work on:

  1. Making sure to be more careful with the ink because it can get fairly messy.
  2. Time management.
  3. Make sure the number my paper when doing the printing.
  4. On adjustments of the screen when printing.
  5. Not to be afraid to ask for help.

My artwork:


This is the finished artwork (not matted yet) I outlined somethings with a gold fine tip marker for a better look.


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