This week’s post I worked on putting my creative process into an actual art piece. From the week previously I did more planning and adjustments, while week 2 I did more tasks  that involved the screen. This took relatively long due to problems that occurred such as the fine detail in the flower layer I designed.

Here is my process:

  1. Once I painted the screen fluid on my screen for each layer.
  2. Then once the screen fluid dried, I put the screen filler fluid (red liquid) on the outside of the screen.
  3. Then when the screen filler fluid dried, I washed the screen fluid painted design off with a pressure washer.
  4. I set up my station for printing such as gathering my printing paper, printing ink, squeegee (used to drag the print ink across the screen to print).
  5. Once i finished the printing process on all the printing paper I hang up to dry.
  6. Then I repeat this process until my image want is complete (all three layers are on the page).
  7. And I make sure to clean my station and the screen each printing process.

Art Process shown below:

Image 12

Black and brown colour layer.


Multi Colour layer (blue, yellow, red).


Silkscreen first two layers results (brown and black).


Showing the silkscreen printing process and set up.


How I hang up my prints for drying.

Silkscreen print

I did not take a picture of me doing this process but this is an example of  silkscreen printing. (this a squeegee)




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