For this post I will be showing my art process into creating a silkscreen print, this  is a very tedious process when it comes down to actually printing the design on paper due to lining everything up, adding different colour layers and etc. In week one  I started out doing the research for this art piece then I began drawing my thumbnail sketches keeping in mind my theme which is the beauty in things that aren’t too often considered beautiful. Since my theme is vague I decided to look at different situations where people often find not as beautiful essentially opening the eyes of people who are biased. So I looked at the beauty in black women’s curly/kinky natural hair, researching on this topic  I found that black women have often been told by social media what type of hair is popular such as long straight or beach ways.
My process:
– I created 5 thumbnails in total that all display either what black women go through or to bring back the beauty to these women.
– Next I chose a thumbnail that I like the most.
– Created a preliminary (a good copy).
– Got tracing paper
– Traced each layer I wanted for each colour going to be printed one black (outline of the girl), one brown(skin tone layer), one blue, yellow, red (flower colour layer).
– With two silkscreens I painted on the traced layers, two layers (skin and outline) on one screen and the last layer (the flowers) on the second screen.
I will show picture of the process below…

This is the first two thumbnails (I chosen the one on the bottom)


Other thumbnails (3 and 4)


Last thumbnail out of the 5


The preliminary of my design.


First layer which is the brown colour layer.


Second layer which is the black layer.


My last layer (the multi coloured layer)


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