Over the course of the week before march break we explored what exactly makes an artist successful, we also watched a movie called “Finding Vivian Mairer”. Which is about this artist that took amazing pictures, who had an off personality, and never shown their art till after she died. I believe that Vivian Mairer should be considered a successful artist because she is expressing what she finds interesting. And even though she died her work has inspired people because her artwork was shared with the world after her death. Also it is well known that after an artist dies their work becomes more popular which is an example of why she is could be considered a successful artist since success can often be linked with money and status which was achieved after her death. Overall my opinion is Vivian Mairer is an successful artist because of those reasons and her art is attention grabbing and beautiful. Here is examples of her work and the link to the trailer of “Finding Vivian Mairer”.

“Finding Vivian Mairer” trailer link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o2nBhQ67Zc


Both photos taken by Vivian Mairer



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