Why should you as a viewer be engaged in my art? The main reason you should be engaged in my artwork is because it brings many things to the table such as a creative perspective, good techniques used, and etc. One of the thing we looked at in this week is what makes a good artist for example viewers understand their message, people react to your artwork (negatively or positively), the artist has a constant message/idea/style, uses different technique with a professional finished look and etc. This is important in order for me as a artist to understand so that i can realize what it means to be a good artist to gain the respect and originality in the art world that would engage the viewer a.k.a yourself. Another reason you should be engaged in my art is because it uses different techniques, medias and has a constant theme. Having a constant theme is needed in order to engage an audience and create a body of art, which is basically a series of objects or performance that has a constant theme. 

Thank you.


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